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Caramba is one of the main protagonists of the television show Zak Storm: Super Pirate. He is a Wahoolian and part of Zak Storm's crew.


Caramba is a small green alien with one antenna. He has blue eyes and no nose. He also has small round teeth in the upper side of his mouth.

Caramba's suit is yellow with black arms, legs, and fingers. The suit's face is a black screen, but with blue lights for expressions.


Caramba's vocabulary is very mixed, speaking English but adding snippets of the wahoolian language in his words. He eccentricities leave some things to be desired, but his efforts to hep are always genuine.


In the promotional art, Caramba appears to have some sort of lightning abilities. Through his robotic suit, Caramba can extend his arms to save his friends. Caramba is also a brilliant mechanic and a savant with everything technological. His suit also has two bump-like protrusions on the back, which can open up to reveal tool arms. [1]


Zak Storm

Zak Storm is his captain.



  • According to the official website, Caramba arrived on Earth in the 1950's.[1]
    • It also revealed that Wahoolians are an advanced alien race.


Caramba character promo art
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