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Crogar is one of the main protagonists of the television show Zak Storm: Super Pirate. He is a viking pirate underneath the tutelage of his captain, Zak Storm.


Crogar wears many things from many different time periods. On his head is an aviator cap with goggles and horns coming from it, covering his red hair. He also has a red goatee

Two halves of a tire cover and protect his shoulders. A silver plate with a blue snake on it covers his torso. His shirt is made of two different brown leathers and black fur. Leather gauntlets cover his forearms.

His pants are pinstripe green and held up by a black belt.


Crogar is a free-spirited, optimistic Viking. While he is a powerful warrior, he is rather simple-minded and brutish. Also, he is a hedonist and enjoys the pleasures in life. Deep down, he is an emotional guy, having a special relationship with baby animals.


Zak Storm

Zak Storm is his captain, and he takes it upon himself to be Cece loyal protecter.



  • According to the official website, Crogar is a viking from the dark ages.[1]
  • Despite hailing from the dark ages, Crogar's shoulder pads and weapon are made from parts of modern day vehicles.


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