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Golden Bones is one of the main antagonists of the television show Zak Storm: Super Pirate. He is the servant to Skullivar, and his top general in Skullivar's army. He is also the captain of the Demoniac.

Golden Bones is both ruthless, and cunning two of the worst things that make him the worst person, Zak and his crew to run into.


Golden Bones is a robotic skeleton with golden bones. He wears a black pirate captain's hat and a black cape. His face is in the shape of a skull missing its lower jaw, with green eyes, with yellow pupils. In place of a right hand is an enormous golden sickle-like hook.


Like Zak, Golden Bones is a skilled sword fighter with his hook. As a general, he is cunning, ruthless, but is also athletic, as is able to make great jumps.



Skullivar is Golden Bones' master. He tells Golden Bones what to do, who to fight, and where. Golden Bones is loyal to his master despite the taunts, and threats received from him. Despite failing his master, Golden Bones seems to be able to be forgiven by him, either because of his previous achievements, or he can't find anyone to replace him.

Zak Storm

Golden Bones fights Zak Storm and his crew members for Skullivar. He has a undying hate for Zak, for both defeating him, and the taunts and insults given to him.


Golden Bones seeks to capture Calabrass for Skullivar's use. Because of the great power Calabrass has, Golden Bones holds a great priority on capturing him.


Golden Bones hates Clovis for the insults and for being part of Zak Storm's crew. Golden Bones said that killing Clovis would be a great reward.



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