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Origins Part 1
Released on October 14, 2017 (Discovery Family);
November 1, 2017 (Netflix)

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You've heard stories, right? Wherever you from, everyone knows if something lost at sea in the air or on Earth it ends up here at the Bermuda Triangle.

Clovis, "Origins Part 1"

"Origins Part 1" is the first episode of the first season of Zak Storm: Super Pirate. It first premiered on October 14, 2017, on Discovery Family and November 1, 2017, on Netflix.


Discovery Family

Zak is taken into the Seven Seas of the Triangle where he meets Clovis, the Chaos and Bones.[2]


Headstrong teen Zak Storm accidentally surfs through a wormhole and ends up in the Bermuda Triangle, where a slew of new adventures await.[3]


The episode opens in the Storm house located near the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Zak's father is cleaning the dishes, his back turned away from the living room. His son takes a necklace off a fish's mounted head, chuckling to himself. As he rushes to leave, he knocks over a surfboard. The noise startles his father, but when he realizes it was just Zak, he calms down. Then, he notices the necklace is missing. Zak's father chases after his son who went outside.

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Zak, with earbuds in his ears, surfs on the waves of the ocean. He turns on a camera attached to his surfboard and start vloging while surfing, unable to hear his father calling to him, telling him to get out of the water. Zak shouldn't have gone on the ocean today; the weatherman said that it would storm. The sky turns gray with storm clouds and riles up the ocean. Zak's father shouts to his son, telling him to take off the necklace. Zak misunderstands and tells his father that he has the necklace, claiming it to be his good luck charm. The necklace shines and the storm clouds grow, a skull forming in the thunderheads. Zak tries to head back to shore, but a massive wave rises in front of him, a hole appearing in it. His father warns him not to go in the hole, but Zak is sucked in. Zak's father is left alone on the beach.

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Inside, he surfs his way to the other side until a beam of light pulls his necklace, pulling him off-balance. When Zak surfaces on the other side, his camera is recording still. Putting the camera into his headpiece, Zak tries to figure out where he is. A large creature swoops down at him, but before it can reach him, it is eaten by the Kraken. The Kraken dives back into the water, sending Zak flying. Confused, Zak tries to figure out what's going on. His necklace shines again. In the distance, a ship with a skull face as a figurehead reacts to the glowing light. The Kraken rises behind Zak, intent on eating him. Zak paddles away on his surfboard as quickly as he can, failing miserably to the Kraken's speed. The ship, sensing the necklace being in trouble, makes its way to Zak, its sails falling and its jets running to cross the sea.

At the Netherwhere, Skullivar senses an ancient presence in the Sea of Beru. He sends his general, Golden Bones, to investigate.

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Zak sees the skull ship in the distance. He flags it down, asking for help, but the ship dips below the ocean surface. It then rises up, arms and legs extended, and slashes at the Kraken, sending it below the sea. It then catches Zak--who was thrown into the air from the Kraken's impact--and is put on the ship's deck. The ship lands, returning to its dormant state.

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Zak complains, believing that everything has been a nightmare. A poltergeist appears in one of the ship's sails, talking to himself about Zak. Startled, Zak turns, trying to find the voice above him, only to find the poltergeist appear through the floor. The blue boy tries joking with Zak, but fails, admitting he's not that good at "jokifying." Zak pokes him, his finger going through the boy's nose, and asks if he's a ghost. The boy explains that he's not a ghost; he just left his body somewhere and he can't remember where. He has hidden on the ship, named the Chaos, ever since. The poltergeist says that the Chaos chose to save Zak, heavily implying the ship is sentient. He is very excited that he has someone to play with. He asks Zak if he brought any toys or if he wants to see some of his collections. Zak doesn't answer, instead focusing on his necklace and the skull at the top of the Chaos' sails. Zak's necklace glows again.

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Before he can figure out why it's doing that, three fireballs rain down on the Chaos. Zak waves at the black ship, telling them to stop shooting at them and to help him. The black ship, however, focuses in on Zak's necklace, confirming it to be the Eye of Beru. Golden Bones raises the ship and lays siege to the Chaos. Zak immediately ask the poltergeist, who's name is Clovis, for help, but Golden Bones already boards the Chaos. He attacks Zak, trying to retrieve the necklace. He chases Zak to the bow of the ship, cornering him. Zak only wants to go home. He tries to give the necklace to Golden Bones, but both the Chaos and the skull on the mast begin to glow. The red surface Zak stood upon shot away from the ship and flew through the sky, saving Zak from Golden Bones' hook.

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Surfing in the sky, Zak makes Golden Bones angry. Golden Bones commands his skeleton army to take down Zak and bring him the necklace. With the skeletons shooting their pistols at him, Zak decides that he can no longer run. He clings to the red board and barrels into the soldiers, breaking them apart. The rockets on the board suddenly run out of power, dropping Zak out of the sky. The Chaos moves one of his sails, catching Zak, and the board returns to its place on the bow. The skeletons then board the Chaos. Zak avoids the skeletons, but he falls to the ground by Golden Bones' hook and got capture. He holds Zak out over the ocean, saying that he would normally kill his victims by feeding them to the sharks, but his boss was interested in Zak and where he found the necklace. He flings Zak back on the boat, but keeps the necklace on his hook, claiming it to be the Eye of Beru. In Golden Bones' hand, the necklace stops glowing and the skull on the mast stops glowing too.

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Zak is placed in the Chaos Captain's Quarters, the door locked behind him. Zak pleads for his freedom, but Golden Bones ignores him. He tries breaking out, but is stopped by Clovis. With a snap of his fingers, Clovis raises the curtains on the windows, bringing light to the room. Zak looks around, but Clovis stops him, guessing that today is Zak's first day in the Triangle. Zak, understandably, is confused. Clovis explains that they're trapped in the Bermuda Triangle and that nothing can get out.

Back on his own ship, Golden Bones commands to the skeletons that they must bring Zak to the Demoniac so he could question him about the necklace. One of the skeletons moves to retrieve him, but the Chaos moves away from the Demoniac, causing him to fall overboard. Golden Bones quickly realizes that there is another being on the Chaos and demands that they search the ship for him.

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In the Captain's Quarters, Clovis explains that everything and everyone in the Bermuda Triangle either went missing at sea, in the air, or on Earth, and is stuck with no way of leaving. Zak tries to say it's impossible for the Triangle to exist, but Clovis immediately shuts him down; Clovis has been through this dance of disbelief before and people tend to believe when they are confronted with sea monsters, talking skeletons, and poltergeists. He continues to explain that there are seven magical seas in the Triangle. Currently, they are in the Sea of Beru. A vortex is needed to go to the other seas. Zak thinks that a vortex could be his way home, but Clovis already tried that when he still had his body. There is a legend, however, that someone will come with the ability to command all Seven Seas. When the seas are united, then the Triangle will open. Nobody commands the Seven Seas. Clovis suggests that Zak could be the one who would eventually command the Seven Seas, but Zak disagrees, saying he just wants to go home. Zak tries escaping the room again. When the Captain's Quarters' door doesn't budge, he realizes that Clovis could escape since he's intangible, but Clovis doesn't have a weapon. Clovis rubs his hands together and says that he doesn't need a weapon in order to give Golden Bones a headache.

On the deck, one of the skeleton tells Golden Bones that they could not find anyone else on the vessel. Clovis then floats up behind Golden Bones, shouts, "Fart attack!" and farts on him. Golden Bones chases after Clovis, swinging wildly and knocking apart his skeletons. Clovis lures him into unlocking the Captain's Quarters. Unleashing another fart attack, he draws Golden Bones away from the door and lets Zak escape. As soon as Zak opens the door, however, he can't breathe from Clovis' stench.

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Golden Bones hooks Clovis, grabbing him with his metal hand. Clovis is extremely confused by how Golden Bones can touch him when he doesn't want to be touched, thus subverting the entire appeal of being a ghost. Golden Bones tells Clovis that he's not the only one who's "gone to the other side." Behind them, Zak picks up one of the skeletons' head and hurls it at Golden Bones, freeing Clovis. Clovis steals the Eye of Beru off Golden Bones' neck and throws it back to Zak, who wraps it around his wrist. The skeletons put themselves back together and attack Zak, shouting, "For Skullivar!" Zak avoids their swings and hops up onto one of the Chaos' sails. The Chaos tilts the sail, making it easier for Zak to climb up. The necklace glows in the presence of the skull on the mast, an unknown force pulling the necklace to the skull.

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Zak removes the skull and shakes it around, expecting something to happen. When nothing does, he holds up the Eye of Beru, inspecting it, only to be startled when the skull begins to laugh. The necklace is pulled from Zak's hand and the Eye of Beru is set in the skull's cross guard. The cross guard spins around and the skull's eyes glow blindingly green. Zak screams and a sword appears from the skull's cross guard. Below him, Golden Bones is angry with his soldiers, yelling at them for not properly searching the ship and for letting Zak have "the Great Key." The Great Key, prefers to call Calabrass, recommends that Zak hoist him high and use him to get them out of this mess with Golden Bones. Calabrass tells Zak to "turn the ring and invoke the power of the Seven Seas." Zak tells him that he doesn't understand what he means. In return, Calabrass tells Zak to tell him to give him the Eye of Blazz.

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Very uncertain, Zak commands Calabrass to give him the Eye of Blazz; Zak's camera drops down over his eye, becoming a red eyepatch, his left arm is covered in red armor, ending with clawed fingers and Calabrass became a flaming sword. Zak has no idea how all of this is happening, but Calabrass doesn't give him time to think, telling him to fight Golden Bones. Calabrass tells him to keep a grip on Calabrass, saying that he would teach Zak how to fight. He leads Zak through the battle, but Zak tries to unconsciously take control and accidentally fights Calabrass while fighting Golden Bones. Clovis interrupts the battle, wanting to fight, saying he "loves scufflies and brawly-brawls." Golden Bones flings him away to the skeletons, telling them to catch him. Clovis then pulls out his ball-and-chain and knocks the soldiers apart. Reinforcements board the Chaos and Clovis releases a gas attack, incapacitating them. He also accidentally incapacitates Zak again from the stench. Calabrass takes advantage of the gas and unleashes a fire attack on the reinforcements, causing an explosion. Zak and Clovis celebrate the attack, letting down their guards and allowing Golden Bones to knock Calabrass out of Zak's hands. Zak holds out his hand, trying to recall Calabrass to him, but it doesn't work. The Chaos tilts the sail, unbalancing Golden Bones. Zak slides off, grabs Calabrass, and jumps onto the other sail. Calabrass approves. Confident, Zak calls for the Eye of Blazz again and attacks the skeletons on the Demoniac. When he defeats them, Clovis cheers and calls him, "Captain."

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Angry, Golden Bones declares that the Eyes of the Seven Seas belong to Skullivar. Zak moves to fight him, but the power from the Eye of Blazz wears off. Calabrass apologizes; he hasn't had to fight anyone in a while and he is very old, so the power wore off. Golden Bones jumps onto the Demoniac and attacks Zak. As Zak jumps off the ship, the red rocket board from earlier catching him. Zak lands at the helm of the Chaos. He tries to move the wheel, but he can't and ends up insulting the ship. Moody, the Chaos swings the wheel and smacks Zak in the face. Getting up, Zak politely asks the Chaos to "blow that skeleton to bits." The ship complies, flinging itself around and facing the Demoniac. The Chaos opens its mouth, revealing a canon, and fires on the Demoniac With each blow, it backs away. After four hits, the ship turns and jets off through Beru.

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Zak is amazed that the Chaos is sentient. Clovis says that anything is possible in the Bermuda Triangle. Zak decides to team up with Clovis. Together, they'll look for Clovis' body and find a way out of the Triangle. Zak also asks the Chaos if he can be the ship's Captain. Calabrass grumbles over the Chaos' sentience, but the Chaos makes a squeaking sound and lights up the jets on the aft of the ship. Zak takes that to be a yes. Meanwhile at the Netherwhere, Skullivar is angry with Golden Bones and demands that he must takes back the Seven Eyes of the Seven Seas before Zak realizes the power he holds. Back at the Chaos, Zak tries to call his father for help, but his phone's batteries died. He then takes charge of the Chaos as the four members move forward on their journey only after Zak politely asks the Chaos to move.


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  • This episode is always the first to aired internationally, along with Part 2.
  • Along with Part 2 of the premiere, these two episodes were previously scheduled to premiere on September 16, 2017, on Discovery Family.[4]
  • The moment where Zak holds out his hand to call Calabrass back to him is either a reference to the Force in the Star Wars franchise or to Thor in the Marvel franchise where Thor holds out his hand to recall Mjölnir.


  • When Calabrass says, "Yar, a fast and fiery study," he is animated backwards. Zak holds Calabrass in his right hand while his left hand has armor. Here, Calabrass was in Zak's bare left hand.


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