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Sassafras never works for free. And ghosts don't carry doubloons last time I check.

—Sassafras, "Spirited Away"

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Sassafras is an old sorceress who owns a shack located in Marituga.


Sassafras has blue hair and a yellow band with black triangles.


Sassafras is a kooky, crotchety, and greedy owner of her magical shack. She would often refuse to help any of her patrons whenever they needed her, but she is willing to do it as long as they pay her with doubloons.


Being a sorceress, Sassafras is specialize in magic and can see what the future holds through her crystal ball. And as shown in "Spirited Away", she can also communicate with spirits when no one else can see or hear them.


The 7C's

Sassafras will often aid The 7C's whenever they encounter any magical artifacts in the Bermuda Triangle as shown in "Morlock the Unstoppable" and "Witch Overboard". Though she often get annoyed by them whenever they visit her shack, she can occasionally help them as long as Zak pays her with doubloons.



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