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Skullivar is one of the main antagonists of the television show Zak Storm: Super Pirate. He is the guardian of the Vapir wavepoint.


Skullivar wears a black cloak that covers most of his body. He wears a green skull-shaped mask. A green gem the same shade is in the center of his chest.


Skullivar has proven himself to be the greatest threat to the Bermuda Triangle, and to a greater extent, the entire universe. Even without Calabrass, he is capable of briefly overpowering the combined forces of Zak Storm and his friends with his ability over dark and green magical energy, which he can deploy in the form of energy blast or a tornado. He can also manipulate Morlock the Unstoppable and teleport at will.

Upon being empowered by the Eye of Darkness-infused Calabrass, he gains a skeletal, armored form and other devastating abilities. With use of the corrupted Calabrass, he can create a powerful shockwave with a single slam/swipe of the sentient weapon alone. Even after Calabrass was restored to normal by Zak and the Eye of Darkness was disposed, Skullivar still retained his dark upgrades and gave both Zak and Calabrass a hard time fighting him. Nevertheless, it took the exposure to both Eyes and hazards of the Seven Seas of the Bermuda Triangle to eventually overpower and defeat him. All in all, while certainly the most terrifying adversary, Skullivar can indeed be overwhelmed and defeated.


Zak Storm

Skullivar does not like Zak Storm nor any member of his crew as they always ruins his plans.


Skullivar wants Calabrass in order to control the Seven Seas of the Bermuda Triangle. He finally got his hands on the sword and turned him into his demonic slave via the Eye of Darkness so that he can rule the Bermuda Triangle and beyond as well as destroy Zak Storm and his companions once and for all.

Golden Bones

Golden Bones is his servant and second-in-command of his army.



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