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Scene: Sea of Aeria. The Chaos is being chased by the Demoniac above the clouds.

Clovis: Pteros ahoy! And they're coming in hot!
Cece: The Demioniac is getting closer, Zak!
Zak: Not for long! Trust your captain! We're sure to lose Golden Bones in that insane sea! Curambe, give me an update!
Curamba: Disastrous! This lightning is wrecking havoc on the Chaos' intruments! I don't think she likes the Sea of Aeria, Zak! And neither do I!
Zak: Disastrous okay. But not hopeless. Hard to port!
Calabrass: Some action! At last!
Zak: You want it, you got it! Chaos, full power!
Curamba: Captain, I've done the math on all the data and we're going to die!
Golden Bones: Gah! Idiots! You let them get away!
Zak: Everyone okay? Nothing broken? Much?
Clovis: We did it? We ditched the Demoniac.
Cece: That was too close. Did you even take a moment to consider what you were doing?
Zak: Uh. To be honest Cece, I find that thinking gets in the way of doing.
Calabass: Arggh! Pirates just plunder.
Clovis: Hey guys! Didn't we just go through that tornado? Oh, look. Another one. And another one. And another. And another.
Cece: Well done, (Sacastic) Captain. You put us right in the middle of a tornado field.
Zak: Come on Chaos, let's get out of here.
(The Chaos powers down.
Zak: Chaos? Not a good time for nap. Curamba?
Curamba: Sorry, Captain. Turbine T16 isn't working. All engines are down!
Cece: Next time you do, you might want to think what the cost will be!
Zak: What's action without risk, Princess?
Cece: A real captain assesses the risks. And do not call me Princess.
Crogar: Risk gives Crogar an appetite.
Clovis: Tornado ahoy, again.
(Clovis vomits.)
Crogar: (Crougar drops the barrel.) Appetite, gone.
Clovis: Sorry. I'll go back to my lookout post.
Cece: How, odd. Clovis never gets seasick.
Zak: Uh. Technically, he's airsick. Curamba please tell me you can fix the turbine.
Curamba: Therorictally I can. But actually, it's kind of impossible.
Zak: (Zak walks into the room Curamba is working in.) Impossible? But you do this kind of fixing all the time.
Curamba: Normalox I would fix things from here. But the turbine room is somewhere over there. I don't want to go down there. It's dark and scary. Sometimes I hearox weird noises and cracks and yells. I'm really scared Zak!
Zak: Ugh. Crogar and Cece, you handle the tornado! Curamba, I'm with you.
Cece: What!? Handle the tornado!? And how do you propose we do that!?

Scene: Inside the Chaos.

Zak: Wow! This is pretty cool. We're actually in the Chaos's body.
Curamba: It's the magic of the Chaos, Zak. Even I don't totoxly understand it. Now let's hurry to the turbine room. It should be right over there.
Zak: Right. And that red dot is us?
Carumba: Zak, I know you don't like to think, but if you look at that dot you'll notice it's moving whereas we are-
Zak: In danger!
Carumba: Aaaahhh! A monster! I knew it! I knew it!

[ Transformation Sequence ]
Zak: Calabrass give me the Eye of Beru! (Zak and Calabrass gain water abilities)

Zak: Let's go.
Curamba: Go back? Above deck?
Zak: To get to the turbine room before he does.

Scene: On the Chaos's deck.

Clovis: Do you know what you're doing, Cece? With all that wind?
Cece: Hoist the main sail, Crogar.
Crogar: Haha! Hoisted. It's working.

Scene: Inside the Chaos.

Curamba: Aaahh! Zak!
Zak: Here.
Curamba: The bowels room?
Zak: I think I know how to lose it.
Curamba: There's a million ways to get crushed in here. Squashed. Pounded. Not to mention die!
Zak: Stop counting: start running!
Zak: Chill out. We're safe.
Curamba: Zak look.
Zak:Wow. What is this place?
Curamba: The Chaos. The Chaos is everywhere in those paintings. We're surrounded by his memories.
Zak: You're right. Look! That's the first time we all met.
Curamba: That looks like the monster we ran into. Why does Chaos have a memory of a monster we just met?
Calabrass: You should have taught this tadpole a lesson! A true pirate never ever backs down from a fight!
Zak: And a true pirate sword never ever whispers?!
Curamba: Oh no!
(Curamba and Zak run away from the weird-looking monster.)
Zak: Hold on! Calabrass is right!
Calabrass: Always! Wait, about what?
Zak: We'll never fix the Chaos with this monster on board! We have to face it head on!
Curamba: Y-You sure? According to my calculations, it doesn't look very friendly!

[ Transformation Sequence ]
Zak: Calabrass give me the Eye of Vapir!
Calabrass: Aha!

(Zak fights and defeats the monster.)
Zak: Aha! Got ya! See Curamba, no need to be afraid of one little monster!
Curamba: Um, can I be afraid of lots of little monsters then?!
Zak: Short answer: yes!
Zak: Whew. Exactly how big is the Chaos?
Curamba: Quantum compressed space. If you give me a few seconds I can find an optimal path.
Zak: Or we can just pick one! Come on!
Curamba: Aaaahhh!
Zak: Aggh. Alright, I guess we're going to do this the hard way.
Curamba: Wait! If my calculations are correct, the exit hatch is right, here!
Zak: Nice! Which way now?
(Zak and Curamba start moving in opposite directions.)
Curamba: More monsters! Oooh! Where are they coming from?
Zak: Hello?
Curamba: How did they get in undetected?
Zak: Earth to Curamba? We've got a ship to fix. So keep moving!

Scene: On the Chaos's deck.

Cece: We are heading straight for the tornado!
Crogar: Keep trying!
Cece: It is no use! I cannot hold on any longer!
Cece: (Cece picks up a rope and dives off the Chaos.) Stay strong, Crogar! I will be back!

Scene: Inside the Chaos

Zak: So, are we lost?
Curamba: I-I don't understand. It should be right here.
Zak: Forget your map, Curamba. We just need to forge ahead.
Curamba: But we might get even more lost. Just, give me a minute to think.
Calabrass: Why don't you just say you're too scared to walk, sailor.
Zak: Come on, Curamba. We're wasting time.
Curamba: I have to analyze our position.
Zak: Can't you take a break from analyzing everything?
Curamba: I can't help it, Zak. I have to.
Zak: But, why?
Curamba: Oh. I blew up Wahoolia's flag ship after I set a turbolaser without completely thinking it through. There I said it. You see now, that's my shame.
Zak: I get it, Curamba. You messed up, once. I mess up ten times a day. Overthinking it won't help. Now come on!
Curamba: Just one more teeny tiny second.
Zak: Alright, change of plans. I'm going to find the turbine room.
Calabrass: You made the right call, sailor! We'll move. Just the two of us.
Zak: No. I shouldn't have left him. A captain never leaves his men behind. I'm gonna-
(Zak and Calabrass fall into a room full of green goo.)
Zak: Ew. This smells worse than Crogar's winkle stew!
Calabrass: Alas. Get us out of here Captain!
Zak: How about the Eye of Sino?
(Zak can't pull up his arm to grab Calabrass. Zak and Calabrass sink into the green goo.)

Scene: On the Chaos's deck

Cece: Good work Crogar. Keep at it.
Crogar: By the fury of Thor.
Cece: The thunder is getting closer!
Crogar: No. That's Crogar's stomach. Still hungry. Crogar need to eat.
Cece: Crogar, think. Once we get home, you get to eat periwinkles. Crabs. Lobsters!
Crogar: Some with squid. And drenched in cod liver oil. Ragnarok!
Cece: Crogar, watch out!

Scene: Inside the Chaos

Zak: Yeah! Now let's go save Curamba!
Zak: Ugh. Come on! We're going in circles. Ugh.
Zak: Ready Calabrass?
Calabrass:Always captain.

[ Transformation Sequence ]
Zak: Calabrass give me the Eye of Blazz! (Zak and Calabrass gain fire abilities)

Zak: Let's see how you like this.
Cece: (From the Chaos's deck.)Chaos? Are you listening? I have to speak to Zak. (Echoing)Right now!
Cece: Zak Storm! Zak Storm! Can you hear me Zak Storm?
Zak: I'm listening Cece.
Cece: We are caught in a tornado. We will not be able to hold on for long. Have you fixed the turbine?
Zak: We've got some unwanted guests to attend to first.
Cece: Guests? What Guests? Zak Storm!
(Curamba extends his arms to pull Zak around the corner.)
Zak: Hey!
Zak: Curamba. How'd you find me?
Curamba: Easy. I followed the angry red dots. And guess what?
Zak: Found the turbine room.
Curamba: Hmm-mm.
Zak: Yes, lead the way, Curamba.
Curamba: See. Analyzing data is useful.
Curamba: Now we rush.
Curamba: We're safe. I think. Wow, th-the turbine room. It's even more beautiful then I imagined. Such technology, such craftmanship.
Zak: Yeah, yeah. We gotta hurry. Which turbine do we fix?
Curamba: T16, there.
(Zak and Curamba fall through a trap door in the floor.)
Curamba: We're trapped!
Zak: No way! We'll just go back the way we came.
Zak: Okay. Now we're trapped.
Curamba Uh-oh.
Zak: Alright, let's do this. Calabrass, give me an Eye of-
Calabrass: Let go of me squid-face.
Zak: Calabrass!
Zak: Curamba, you said something about a theory. I'd love to hear it.
Curamba: Can't-can't think. Too scared.
Zak: Just focus, would you. Curamba!
Curamba: Aaahhh!
Zak: Analyze the data! Find it's weakness!
Zak: Do something Curamba!
Curamba: Hmm, interesting texture.
Zak: Texture! Come on, remember what your doing!
Curamba: Oh! Stop moving Zak. Stop talking.
Zak: That's your master plan? To let the monster eat me?
Curamba: Don't be scared, Zak.
(Zak stops moving, and the monster drops him.)
Curamba: They had to understand we're not a threat.
Zak: A threat? We're not the threat? They're the threat!
Calabrass: Argh!
Zak: You okay, Calabrass?
Calabrass: Worse than Davy Jones' Locker.
Zak: He's fine. C'mon. Let's fix this turbine.

[ Transformation Sequence ]
Zak: Calabrass give me the Eye of Aeria!

Scene: On the Chaos's deck

Cece: I guess this time. It really is goodbye.
Crogar: Not goodbye. Crogar trust our captain. And Curamba.

Scene: Inside the Chaos

Zak: How'd you know the monsters wouldn't attack us if we stayed still?
Curamba: Their texture. The monsters are made of metal and wood. They had the same molecular make as the Chaos.
Zak: What?! They're part of the Chaos?
Curamba: They're his antibodies. The Chaos makes them when it's feeling ill. And like other antibodies, they defend against anything that sneaks into the ship's body.
Zak: They think we're a virus.
Curamba: Exactly. And these turbines are the ship's heart.
Zak: They don't want us to put our dirty virus paws on it. Fix the turbine Curamba. I'll take care of those mucky microbes.
Calabrass: I'm with you.
Curamba: Done. It's not working.
Zak: You sure?
Curamba: Captain. I don't know what to do!
Zak: Okay. The Chaos may act like a living body, but it's also a machine. And when a machine refuses to start, there's always one thing you can try.
(Zak kicks the turbine.)
Curamba: I can't believe it worked.
Zak: Don't overthink it. Come on, let's get out of here!

Scene: On the deck of the Chaos

Cece: He made it! To the helm!
Cece: Chaos! Forwards!
(Zak and Curamba arrive on the deck.))
Cece: You certainly took your sweet time, Captain.
Zak: Yeah, we took time, to think.
Calabrass: Ugh. Brainy pirates. A travesty!
Crogar: Crogar think maybe we forgot about someone.
Golden Bones: There they are! Don't miss them this time.
Curamba: Ready to board the enemy ship, captain.
Zak: Let me think for a minute. Okay, got it. Chaos, head for the tornado field.
Cece: WHAT?!
Zak: Trust me!
(Chaos uses the tornado to land past the Demoniac.)
Zak: That's how you do it. And we'll be in Marituga before they can even turn around!
Crogar: Yeahah! Crogar finally get to eat.

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