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Theme Song

The Chaos

(Zak, Cece, and Crogar are lounging around on lawnchairs.)
Zak: See guys, this is what I'm talking about. Inbetween the adventuring and exploring, sometimes you need a little rest and relaxation.
Curamba: (Over radio) Hey. Can you hear me? Zak, Cece, Crougar.
Zak: Curamba. How's the scraping going?
Curamba: Almost done. Did you finish cleaning the deck?
Zak: (Zak's eyes widen and he glances around the messy deck. We're right in the middle of it.
(A big wave hits the Chaos.)
Zak: Wow. That was a rough one.
Crogar: You messing with a viking's nap? Ghost boy?
Clovis: Who? Me? No way. Unless it was really funny, then I might. But this time, nope, not me.
Cece: Odd. There is wind. No current. There should not be any waves here.
Curamba: Oh my. Oh no.
Zak: Curamba? What do you see down there? Curamba? Curamba!
Clovis: Um, so. Adding to the weird, creepy feeling I'm getting. Those waves are going bye-bye.
Cece: I have seen this before. A long time ago. Sea trolls.
Crogar: Trolls? Ha! Crogar was best troll hunter in his land.
Zak: Crogar! Get ready to put your mullet where your mouth is! We're going troll hunting!
Clovis: We got him!
Cece: We have stopped moving. We must be close to their cave.
Zak: Let's take a look. Sea floor.
Crogar: There! Mountain! Trolls love mountains.
Cece: Crogar is correct. Where there are sea trolls, there are always shipwrecks.
Zak: How do you know so much about sea trolls?
Cece: They used to attack our Atlantean fleet. Our navy drove them far away from our cities. It was so long ago we rarely see them anymore.
Zak: Now we know where they relocated. Let's go!
Cece: Zak Storm! Trolls are very powerful and very dangerous. Their lair will be fortified and we don't know how many there are. We need a detailed plan.
Zak: Right! I'll go save Curamba by myself. It will be easier that way.
Cece: Not what I was going for.
Zak: Think about it. With my powers and the element of surprise, I'll be in and out so fast, they won't know what hit them.
Crogar: But Crogar best troll hunter. Crogar goes with Zak. Alone.
Zak: But-No-That's-That won't... I need a great troll hunter to protect the Chaos. Just in case the trolls attack while I'm gone. So I hereby name you, uh, Grand Protector of the Chaos! Yeah!
Crogar: Grand Protector? Yes. Fit Crogar. Trolls beware. This is Crogar's boat.
Clovis: What about me?
Zak: (Whispers) I need you to keep an eye on Crogar. You can't have the element of surprise when you bring the loudest warrior around. Okay?
Clovis: I'll do my best.
Zak: Great. Uh, Cece. Where are you going?
Cece: Underwater. I am Atlantean. It is, as you say, my thing. Can you keep up, Zak Storm? (Cece dives into the water.)

[ Transformation Sequence ]
Zak: Alright, Calabrass! Give me an Eye of Beru! (Zak and Calabrass gain water abilities.)

(Zak follows Cece into the water.)

Troll's Lair/ Treasure Room

(Curamba's suit boots back up.)
Curamba: Hello? Earth people? And or other.
Curamba: Something went wrong with my cleaning expedition.
(The inside of Curamba's suit fills with smoke and he gets out.)
Curamba: Huh? Wow. Don't see that everyday.
(Curamba gets back into his suit.)

Underwater/Troll's Lair Entrance

Cece: I cannot find any alternative entrances.
Cece: Any suggestions for moving ten tons of sea stone?
Zak: Just one, Water Blast!
Zak: Hello? Full Water Blast!
Cece: You are using your energy too fast. If it runs out, you will not be able to breath. At this depth, you will never make it back to the Chaos.
(A troll walks up and opens the door, while Zak and Cece hide.)
Zak: Now! Hurry!
(Zak and Cece sneak in when the door is opened.)
Cece: Atlantean Water Stones! They create a field of energy that repels water. Trolls cannot breath underwater. So their entire cave system is air-based.
Zak: What will you crazy Atlanteans think of next? Calabrass, save our power.
Calabrass: Aye!
(Zak drops the transformation.)
Zak: We're going to take a nice air-filled stroll on this mission. Which I could have easily done solo.
Cece: We are hardly safe yet, Zak Storm.
(Zak and Cece run down the hallway.)

The Chaos

Crogar: Crogar should be in troll caves. Helping Zak and Cece.
Clovis: Right. But, but. What would happen if the trolls attack the Chaos and there's no Grand Protector to protect it?
Crogar: Eh, Chaos would sink.
Clovis: Exactly. That's why we have to wait here. We can't move from Chaos, so we can't go down there.
Crogar: We can't move from Chaos, but Chaos can move to caves.
Crogar: Clovis knows how to transform Chaos to big whale, right.
Clovis: No. Nonononono. We won't switch to submarine mode. That's not what Zak told us to do.

Troll's Lair/Treasure Room

(The door opens and a troll wearing red walks in.)

Troll's Lair

Cece: We are lost, Zak Storm.
(Zak and Cece hide from a Sea Troll.)
Zak: He looks like he knows where he's going. Let's follow him.
Cece: I-I wish I had a better idea. Lead on.

Troll's Lair/Sorting Room

Cece: Of course! That is why they took Curamba. They saw his golden armor and thought he was treasure.
Zak: Someone's going to be really disappointed.
Cece: Trolls do not get disappointed. They get angry. We have to save Curamba before they realize their mistake.
Zak: If they were dumb enough to think Curamba was a ball of gold, maybe they're dumb enough for this. (Zak winks.)
(Zak cups his hands around his mouth and deepens his voice.)
Zak: Whatever happened to that weird little golden ball we found?
Sea Troll 1: I think the king took one. Looking stupid. Not fair.
Sea Troll 2: What are you blabbering about?
Sea Troll 1: The golden ball. The king took it.
Sea Troll 3: Stop talking and get back to sorting.
Zak: I call that: ventrolliquism. Get it? Ven-TROLL-iquism?
Cece: No. I do not.
Zak: Never mind.
Zak: This way.
Cece: That way.
(Zak and Cece crash into each other.)

Zak (Whispers) Calabrass give me the eye of Aeria.

Sea Troll 3: Back to work! You useless sea slug!
Sea Troll 4: But tiny people! There!
Sea Troll 3: Taking a nap now? Stop goofing around! Tiny people are no laughing matter! Creep. Vermin.
Cece: Come on Zak Storm. No more powers. (Zak drops his transformation.) Unless you plan on sprouting gills.
Sea Troll 3: That's it. I'm taking those barrels to the treasure room! You'd better be done with sorting today's loot when I get back!
Zak: I've got an idea on how to get to the treasure room. Suddenly. Without powers.

The Chaos

Clovis: Crogar! Don't!
Crogar: Chaos turns into whale now.
(Crogar pushes a button on the Chaos.)
Crogar: Crogar orders you!
(Crogar activates the cannon instead.)
Clovis: Ooh! Explosions! Yay!
Clovis: Oh wait. I'm pretending to be responsible today. Crogar, you're going to wreck something.


Zak: This place is huge. How do many of these trolls live here?
Cece: Trolls are an infestation. It took all the might of the Atlantean Empire to defeat them. These stupid monsters destroyed the Imperial Library just to steal a few golden trinkets. They're parasites! Stupid!
Sea Troll 3: Stupid? Did you just call me stupid?
Sea Troll 5: I didn't say anything
Sea Troll 3: What's with the young ones these days? No respect!
(Zak shushes Cece.)

Underwater Sea Troll's Treasure Room

Curamba: Oh Great Processor of Florox. Mommy!
Sea Troll King: Oh. A golden ball that talks and moves. That's new.
Curamba: I demand you release me. I am not a shelf decoration.
Sea Troll King: Feisty little thing. Maybe I should melt you in a furnace! And then you'll shut up.
Curamba: Wait. Do you have another alien from the Vorag Empire in your collection.
Sea Troll King: No. I don't think so.
Sea Troll King: You're the first.
Curamba: Then it would be a shame to lose such a rare and valuable item. I'm such a collectible. I bet all the other trolls would be jealous, right?
Sea Troll King: You're right, talking golden ball. Stay right here! Wait till the land troll queen hears about you! Sea Troll King: Oh! She'll be green! Well, technically, she always is.

The Chaos

(Crogar still hasn't figured out how to turn the Chaos into submarine mode.)
Clovis: Quit it. You'll never guess it's this button. (Clovis points at the correct button.) Oops.
Crogar: Now Crogar go to crush trolls!

Underwater Troll's Lair, Almost at Treasure Room

Sea Troll 3: Treasure Room!
Sea Troll 6: There are rumours of an invasion. You see any-
Sea Troll 3: If you say tiny people, I'll smash you!
Sea Troll 6: Tiny people!
Sea Troll 3: That's it! I'm smashing you!
Sea Troll 6: What have we here.
Sea Troll 3: But, what? How?
Sea Troll 6: I wonder if it speaks. It's very blue. Like one of them Atlantean stinkers.
Cece: I could use a little help here!
Zak: (Whispers) I'm saving my energy. See. I'm listening to you.
Cece: Zak Storm!
Zak: Alright! Back off trolls! Or feel my wrath!
Sea Troll 3: It's an invasion! Tiny people everywhere! Run for your lives!
Sea Troll: Looks like this one's going to give a fight.
Cece: Any regrets now, about leaving the great troll hunter behind?
Zak: Maybe.
Calabrass: Use your powers Zak, or your a troll burger!
Zak: We'll do this quick!

Zak: Calabrass, give me the Eye of Blaze!

Zak: Open the door, Cece. I'll keep them busy.

Zak: No! Cece!

Zak: Hey! Surrender now and you'll only feel half of my wrath! A quarter!

Sea Troll: Tiny people humour. Not funny.

Cece: Zak Storm!

Sea Troll: Huh?

Cece: Zak Storm!

Zak: Get a clue guys. I'm wearing fire armor. That was like taking a bath. And I hate baths!

Sea Troll: No gold is worth this.
Sea Troll: I'm out of here.

Cece: I was not worried.
Zak: Not even a little bit?
Zak: If I say yes, will you help me with this blasted door!?

The Chaos Underwater

Clovis: Crogar! Wait! You can't go! The Chaos needs a Grand Protector!
Crogar: (points at Clovis) You are now Grand Protector of the Chaos!

Underwater Trolls Lair Treasure Room

Zak: We're in. And I still got some juice left. See! My plans always rock.
Calabrass: Look around lads. Have you ever seen that much booty in your lives!?
Curamba: Over here!
Cece: Look! Curamba!
Curamba: Zak! Cece!
Sea Troll King: What's with all the ruckus?
Sea Troll King: Oh. Tiny thieves! In my treasure room!
Zak: Uh-oh!

Elsewhere in the Troll Lair

Sea Troll 1: Is this a drill? To test us?
Sea Troll 2: Can't be. I think one of them tiny people was Atlantean.
Sea Troll 1: Atlanteans?! Scourge of the oceans!
Crogar: Ah-ha. Vikings are even scourgier! Ragnarok!

Underwater Trolls' Lair Treasure Room

Sea Troll King: Has my fortress been invaded by a stinking fishgirl!
Zak: Yeah! And a mighty pirate captain!
Zak: (Whispers) Calabrass, can we kick his big, troll but?
Calabrass: (Whispers) Keep him talking while my energy recharges.
Zak: Ah-hem. Uh, Sire. Mr. Troll King. We meant no offense, we're looking for our lost shipmate. We don't want to steal from you.
Sea Troll King: We deal harshly with intruders in the Troll Kingdom!
Zak: Would you consider a trade? Our shipmate in exchange for something more valuable.
Sea Troll King: What do you propose?
Zak: A great treasure lies buried in this Sea of Beru.
Cece: (Whispers) Zak Storm. What treasure are you talking about?
Zak: (Whispers) Lot's of stuff is hidden in the sea. Who says there isn't some great treasure there?
Sea Troll King: Tell me more. Tiny thief.
Zak: A treasure so mythical it's value is unknowable!
(Cece facepalms.)
Sea Troll King: I'm tempted to accept your trade.
Crogar: Wraah!
Zak: No, Crogar!
Crogar: Crogar will defeat these trolls.
Sea Troll King: If you've come here to fight, I shall oblige you!
Calabrass: Seems the negotiations be over Zak.
Zak: Go get Curamba! And if you have a plan B, feel free to share!

Zak: Calabrass, give me the Eye of Dazer!

Zak: Crogar, I'll take care of this troll king. Get Cece and Curamba back to the Chaos before King Gong wakes up an army of trolls.

Crogar: Follow Crogar.

Sea Troll King: My golden ball!
Zak: We're not finished yet, big guy!

Cece: Zak Storm!
Zak: I'll meet you on the surface!
Cece: You do not have enough energy!
Zak: I'll be fine! Go!

Calabrass: You won't be fine you scurvy idiot. I only have enough energy for a single strike!
Zak: I know.

Sea Troll King: I'm tiring of this foolishness!

Zak: Strriike!

Zak: No! Calabrass, give me the Eye of-
(Calabrass powers down.)

Sea Troll King: Where's your strength now!? Where is your magic? Where are your friends? You're all alone now. Tell me your plan, tiny human!
Zak: Being alone kind of was my plan. But maybe not the greatest one. You know hindsight is 20/20 and all.

Cece: Zak Storm!
(The Chaos forces the entrance door open.)
Zak: How did you
Sea Troll King: What?!
Zak: Adios! Your Trollness!
Zak: Hang on everyone! Chaos, full speed ahead!
Cece: The triangle is a dangerous. When you are alone.
Crogar: Psst. Vikings are best troll hunters. Without Crogar, Zak was troll meat.
Clovis: And I was a great Grand Protector of the Chaos!
Crogar: And Curamba is good bait. Good bait is secret to good troll hunt.

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