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Xibalba, also known as the Green Lady, is the queen of the shadow realm and the main antagonist in "Witch Overboard". In the aforementioned episode, she possessed Caramba after he found her necklace while his crew are under attack by a giant squid.


Xibalba is a shadowy figure that resembles an amorphous black cloud with glowing green eyes.



According to Sassafras, Xibalba is one of the nine ancient spirits from an old Mayan legend. The Bolontiku, a group of nine underworld gods, trapped them in nine ancient objects and exiled them to the Bermuda Triangle. And at some point in the past, Xibalba's necklace was tied to the giant squid so that no one will ever find it to prevent her from causing any harms to anyone in the Triangle.

In the present time, the 7Cs was under attack by the exact same squid while exploring the Sea of Beru. While trying to help his friends, Caramba was knocked overboard by the squid's tentacle and he fell into the sea. He then unintentionally found Xibalba's necklace prison, still tied to one of the squid's tentacles. By the time Zak Storm and Calabrass rescue him from drowning (he opened his robot hatch to take a closer look at the necklace), Xibalba started to possess him with her necklace.



Xibabla posseses Caramba in the episode Witch Overboard


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