Like my father said, a Captain have to make a right decision for his crew.

Zak Storm, "Origins Part 1"

Zak's father is Zak Storm's father.


Physical appearance

Zak's father is at a tall height and has fair skin and long brown hair.

Civilian attire

He wears a light blue Hawaiian shirt with a yellow flower pattern, which he keeps unbuttoned. Underneath, he wears a dark blue shirt. He also wears yellow shorts with a red belt and a pair of black sneakers with white laces and light blue tongue and collar. And for accessories, he wears a purple sun glasses.


Zak Storm

Not much about his relationship with Zak is shown, but he cares for his son very much. He shows concern when he finds out Zak is wearing the Eye of Beru necklace while surfing outside and warns him to take it off when he sees that it have summons the portal that leads to the Bermuda Triangle.



  • For some reason, he kept the Eye of Beru necklace in his house which leads to his son being send into the Bermuda Triangle.
  • It's suggested that Zak's father has been in the Bermuda Triangle, granting the reason of why he had the Eye of Beru in the first place.
  • Zak's father knows of Calabrass, praying that he takes care of Zak, as he stated in "Zak's Choice."


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