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Zak Storm: Super Pirate (also named Zak Storm) is a CGI animated French series. It is co-production by Zagtoon, Method Animation, De Agostini Editore, SAMG Animation, MNC Animation, and Man of Action. It premiered around the world starting on December 2, 2016.[1][2] The show is currently licensed by and premiered on Discovery Family in the United States, with Netflix currently holding the series and online streaming rights starting on November 1, 2017.[3][4]

Jeremy Zag has announced that a second season is being worked on.[5]


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"Zak Storm" tells of the adventures of Zak Storm – a headstrong and adventurous kid swept into the Bermuda Triangle while trying to win a surfing competition. Once inside, Zak partners up with a magical sword that allows him to transform into a swashbuckling, renegade hero to face the numerous perils of the unique and diverse Seven Seas of the Triangle. Young Zak sails the Triangle's seven mysterious seas with an extraordinarily otherworldly ship and crew comprised of an enchanted talking sword, an Atlantean headstrong female first mate, a thick-headed heavy-fisted Viking, a neurotic space traveler, and a poltergeist prankster kid! [6]

Cast and crew

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Main cast

Voice Actor Character(s)
Michael Johnston Zak Storm
Christine Marie Cabanos Cece Lejune
Christopher Smith Crogar
Max Mittelman Caramba
Reba Buhr Clovis
Kyle Hebert Calabrass
Keith Silverstein Skullivar
Matt Mercer Golden Bones
Jessica Gee Sassafras

Recurring cast

Voice Actor Character(s)
Barbara Goodson Xibalba
Brian Beacock Calico
Ezra Weisz Flint
Richard Epcar Admiral T-Halis
Cristina Vee Zephyra
Keith Silverstein Blue Zitean
Troll King
Zak's father

International releases

Zak Storm: Super Pirate was first released in the United States on September 30, 2017, on its former channel called KidsClick. The series currently streams on Netflix and it was also available on Discovery Family.

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  • According to Steven T. Seagle, one of the co-founders of Man of Action Studios, they first pitched Ben 10, Generator Rex, and Zak Storm all on the same day.[7]


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